Hello, welcome to Indie Reviews!

My reading tastes are quite eclectic and while I read it all, I mostly review LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction here at Indie Reviews.

Indie Reviews also contains my previously online published book reviews from Rainbow Reviews and Three Dollar Bill Reviews.

Most of what I review on this blog are books provided by the author or pubisher for review, or books I’ve personally choosen/purchased. I do not accept any monetary, or other compensation for my reviews. I make no distinction in reviewing between books that are submitted by authors or publishers and those chosen/purchased by me. If you’re interested in submitting a book for review please consider the following:

  • I mostly review LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction of any sub-genre.
  • I will accept both ebooks (in pdf format only) and print books for review.
  • I will consider every request submitted and try my best to review all the books I accept for review.
  • I may turn down review requests mostly due to time constraints.

If you wish to submit your book for review please feel free to contact me at: indigene63[at]gmail[dot]com.