Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke

Since his initial encounter with the Delaney twins, Liam’s thoughts have turned back to them time and time again, and he can’t help hoping for another meeting. His chance happens one night when Mark Delaney rings and tells him to get into the car waiting outside. Liam does so at once, eager to see the twins again.

Once at the Delaney estate, Liam is at first overawed by the grandeur and style of his surroundings, the lush gardens replete with nude statues and the opulence of the residence itself, but seeing Mark, together with Johnny, focuses his mind on the entertainment to come. And it looks as if entertainment is certainly what’s in store. A business associate of the Delaneys, Mr. Buchanan, has agreed a deal with the twins, and part of that deal is Liam himself!

How will the evening end, and will Liam be able to handle the salacious challenges thrown at him this time?


Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke is the sequel to the short story The Delaneys And Me, in which the author continues her humorous, tongue and cheek ménage tale of Liam and his enigmatically sexy thugs Mark and Johnny – the Delaney twins.

The second story is once again written in the first person through Liam’s jocular perspective and provides for a short, erotic episode in Liam’s evolving relationship with Mark and Johnny. It’s only been a few weeks since Liam was “fixed up, fooled and generally fabulously fucked by the Delaneys” and he’s feeling empty and anticipating the next encounter with the twins. A summons from Mark Delaney has Liam immediately scrapping his stew and getting into a waiting black car that whisks him off to the twin’s mansion for what Liam hopes will be another lust filled liaison with the brothers. While Liam is shameless and will do whatever the Delaney twins want, happily enjoying every single minute, he has mixed feelings about entertaining their business clients. Liam inadvertently blurts out his feelings to Mark and Johnny with consequences that are not altogether to his disliking.

This short story is pure erotic fantasy escape but what sets it apart from other similar stories is the overall writing, and in particular the writing of Liam. In my review of The Delaneys And Me, I referred to Liam as being quite cheeky, but he’s also quite intelligent, witty and articulate, albeit at times a touch scatter-brained and screw-ball. This combination of traits, make Liam a humorous and very likable character to read while at the same time his sexual responses to the twins are deliciously decadent.

Although this short story provides a brief glimpse into the ménage relationship, the dynamics between Liam, Mark and Johnny as a threesome are beginning to take shape in what is emerging to be a Dom/sub relationship between Liam and the twins, with Mark the more menacing and sterner of the two and Johnny playing the role of the gentler intermediary. While the twins in many respects still remain a mystery as seen and told through Liam’s eyes and experiences, Liam’s nascent fantasies of submission are surfacing as are his exhibitionist tendencies. But like any good submissive, who sometimes tops from the bottom, Liam continues to cleverly goad the twins and his final thoughts in the story are a perfect segue for the next sexual encounter with Mark and Johnny.

Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke offers up another well written, witty and angst-free erotic romp, with a pinch of relatively light BDSM for spice, and is a good reading escape in particular if pressed for time. For those who have yet to read The Delaneys stories, I suggest starting with The Delaneys And Me in order to better understand the circumstances surrounding Liam’s initial meeting of the Delaney twins and how they formed a threesome. Fans of this author will be happy to know that there are plans for five stories in the series in all, and Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure) has already released the the third story, entitled, The Art Of The Delaneys.

Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke is available at Amber Quill (Amber Allure) Press.

NOTE: This review was originally published online at Three Dollar Bill Reviews.

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