Love In The Library by J.M. Snyder

My Rating: 4 Star Rating

Johnny’s job at the campus library isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, when the wheels of the returns cart get stuck in the gap between the floor and the elevator, he’s ready to just quit right there. But a stranger’s kindness leads to chance encounter that improves Johnny’s whole semester.

An elevator possessed and a book cart with a will of its own has Johnny cursing the day he took a job re-stacking returned books at the university library. Next semester he’s definitely applying for a job in the computer lab. He literally falls at Adam’s feet as he struggles to free the damn cart and can’t believe his luck when Adam not only comes to his rescue but also comes on to him. Adam is definitely interested and won’t take no for an answer from this bookish cutie.

Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder is a twenty-something page short story that hits the spot if you’re looking for a light-hearted, romantic and fun read but are pressed for time. Johnny’s library antics will have you laughing and his little “should I, shouldn’t I?” dance with Adam will have you grinning.

Those familiar with Snyder’s stories will recognize the writing style immediately – well-written, intelligent and witty narration and dialogue with attention to detail. Johnny and Adam have great chemistry and even though the smut factor is relatively low in this story, with only the intimation of sex, their scenes “between the stacks” are arousing and hot. Yes, sometimes less is more.

If you’re in the mood for a thoroughly entertaining, sweet and romantic m/m romp I definitely recommend Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder. And the bonus is, it’s available as a free download. Can’t beat that!

Love In The Library by J.M. Snyder is available for free download at JMS Books.

NOTE: This review was originally published online by Rainbow Reviews.

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