The Sight of Home by Sean Michael

Stone is used to getting around on his own, even if he is blind. When he decides to head out on a book tour to promote his latest title, though, he knows he needs more help than his seeing eye dog can provide. Stone decides to hire a personal assistant, someone to help be his eyes and ears on the road.

Mason seems like the perfect candidate, a strong, ex-military man who can take care of anything. Even if he can’t see Mason, Stone knows he’s attracted to the man’s gravely voice and hard body, and things start moving fast. Maybe too fast. Will Stone scare Mason off with his strong feelings, or can Mason see how good they could be together?

Stone Watson is a professor of the post-American Civil War period and his second book of fiction on the subject has recently propelled him to notoriety and into the world of book tours. Although he is extremely independent and self-sufficient, his blindness does present limitations and he will need someone to be his eyes while he travels to unfamiliar places on his thirty-six week, sixty-city tour. Mason Vergis is an ex-military man come bodyguard that is looking to do something more fulfilling than just baby-sit spoiled rich kids. Mason is a trustworthy, no nonsense, take-charge kind of guy who instinctively wants to protect Stone.

Stone is almost instantly attracted to Mason. His gravelly voice, big strong hands and hard body remind Stone that it’s been way too long since he’s been with a man. Mason is not too far behind in his attraction to this independent and self-sufficient, yet vulnerable man. Their relationship becomes a sexual one even before Mason officially begins working as Stone’s assistant, but very quickly deepens emotionally. Stone fears that he’s fallen too fast, but Mason is right there with him offering him a sense of safety and home.

The Sight of Home by Sean Michael is a short novella that has all the trademark qualities of a classic Sean Michael story. The hot and heavy sex immediately pulls you in but don’t be fooled. In true Sean Michael style, emotion is woven into the fabric of the story and hooks the reader – line and sinker.

In keeping with this author, the characterization in this story is established mainly through dialogue and personal introspection. The characters are well-developed and Michael realistically portrays the day-to-day realities and obstacles that Stone faces as a blind man as well as Mason’s reaction to these realities. In particular, the author shows extreme sensitivity in portraying Stone’s disorientation and weariness in reaction to a constantly changing physical environment as they travel from city-to-city and Mason’s need to shelter and protect Stone from any dangers, whether real or perceived, and to be Stone’s one familiar and constant. In this respect, there is a “cocooning” feel to this story that completely immerses the reader in the experiences of these characters.

There is also a highly sensual quality to this story. Michael captures this sensuality mainly through the character of Stone who, in the absence of sight, uses his heightened senses of touch, taste and smell to see. Stone first “sees” Mason by touching him and Mason, in turn, takes great pleasure in Stone’s uninhibited sensuality and sexuality. These highly sensual scenes, some of which do not start off as being sexual in nature, are plentiful throughout the story and in addition to the scorching sex between Stone and Mason create a thoroughly erotic reading experience.

Above and beyond this sensuality, it is the tenderness with which the author writes Stone and Mason, their coming together and how they treat each other that I enjoyed most about this story.

The Sight of Home is a tender, sensual and erotic feel-good love story that is one of my favorites by this author. I consider it a must read for fans of Sean Michael’s books and an excellent place to start for readers who have yet to discover the writing of this popular m/m author.

The Sight of Home by Sean Michael is available at Torquere Press.

NOTE: This review was originally published online by Rainbow Reviews.

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