Hold Me Tight by Dalia Craig

Life has never been easy for Kezia Grey and now it just got a whole lot worse. On the run from vicious thugs hired by her ex-boss, Raul Casaro, who believes she has stolen vital information about his business dealings she takes refuge in La Rochette, a bistro run by a gay couple, Marc and Jason. But is Kezia wise to place her trust in Marc and Jason or will they betray her too?

For Marc Linton and Jason Deveral Kezia’s arrival brings major change to their well-ordered life and danger in the form of a revenge attack on their home by the men searching for Kezia.

As things heat up for Kezia, mounting sexual tension forces her into a radical reassessment of her relationship with the two men. While for Marc and Jason, a surprising turn of events offers them an unexpected solution to a longstanding problem and provides them with the one thing missing from their lives.

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