Love Means … No Shame by Andrew Grey

Geoff is in the city, living the gay life to the hilt, when his father’s death convinces him to return to the family farm. Discovering a young Amish man asleep in his barn, Geoff learns that Eli is spending a year away from the community before accepting baptism into the church. Despite their mutual attraction, Geoff is determined not to become involved with him, but Eli has discovered that Geoff shares his feelings and begins to court him, neatly capturing first Geoff’s attention and then his heart.

Their budding relationship is threatened by closed-minded, gossipy relatives and the society at large, a whole new world to Eli, and he must decide whether to return to the community, his family, and the world and future he knows or to stay with Geoff and have faith in the power of love.

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Love In The Library by J.M. Snyder

My Rating: 4 Star Rating

Johnny’s job at the campus library isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, when the wheels of the returns cart get stuck in the gap between the floor and the elevator, he’s ready to just quit right there. But a stranger’s kindness leads to chance encounter that improves Johnny’s whole semester.

An elevator possessed and a book cart with a will of its own has Johnny cursing the day he took a job re-stacking returned books at the university library. Next semester he’s definitely applying for a job in the computer lab. He literally falls at Adam’s feet as he struggles to free the damn cart and can’t believe his luck when Adam not only comes to his rescue but also comes on to him. Adam is definitely interested and won’t take no for an answer from this bookish cutie.

Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder is a twenty-something page short story that hits the spot if you’re looking for a light-hearted, romantic and fun read but are pressed for time. Johnny’s library antics will have you laughing and his little “should I, shouldn’t I?” dance with Adam will have you grinning.

Those familiar with Snyder’s stories will recognize the writing style immediately – well-written, intelligent and witty narration and dialogue with attention to detail. Johnny and Adam have great chemistry and even though the smut factor is relatively low in this story, with only the intimation of sex, their scenes “between the stacks” are arousing and hot. Yes, sometimes less is more.

If you’re in the mood for a thoroughly entertaining, sweet and romantic m/m romp I definitely recommend Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder. And the bonus is, it’s available as a free download. Can’t beat that!

Love In The Library by J.M. Snyder is available for free download at JMS Books.

NOTE: This review was originally published online by Rainbow Reviews.

The Queen of Wands by Jenna Jones

All of his adult life, J.T. Fogarty has worked to keep his vast, politically active family safe from scandal. When his late cousin’s son Charlie Tate returns to their hometown for the first time in twenty years, J.T. realizes there’s more to life than covering up other people’s mistakes. J.T. has dealt with his guilt about the accidental death of Charlie’s father by being the “cleaner” for his family, guided by his cousin Dilys. With Charlie back in her sphere of influence, Dilys intends to guide Charlie’s career, and his life, in the same way she has with so many others. However, J.T. is so taken with Charlie that he rebels against Dilys and takes Charlie under his wing, allowing himself to return the attraction Charlie feels for him. Can J.T. and Charlie move beyond the secrets in their past and find a way to stay true to each other?

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The Loss of Innocence by Jay Mandal

A collection of poignant short stories ranging from a two-minute read to longer tales of ordinary people leading ordinary lives until they fall in love and their lives become, for a little while at least, extraordinary. Written with tenderness, humour and compassion, some of the stories are heart-warming, whilst others will break your heart.

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Playing the Field: Served! by J.M. Snyder

Colby Johnson and his cousin Megan have been practicing all summer for Wildwood’s annual Beach Volleyball Tournament. The evening before, Colby drops by the bar where Megan works for a quick drink before heading home and meets sexy Vander “Van” Byron. The instant attraction is mutual, but they share only a few brief hours before Colby has to call it a night.

The next day, Colby and Megan are on a winning streak, advancing through the tournament ranks with ease. When Colby runs into Van and his twin sister Vallery at the tournament, he isn’t surprised – more than half of Wildwood’s population, tourist and local alike, are crowded on the beach for the event. But he is shocked to see the numbered vest Van wears, marking him as a competitor.

A quick look at the schedule shows that if both teams continue their winning streaks, the day will end with Colby and Van facing off through the volleyball net. To up the ante, Van proposes a little wager. Whoever wins their game advances in the tournament, of course, and continues on for a chance to win one of the grand prizes the next day, but whoever loses gets whatever he wants from the winner.

Playing the Field: Served! is the fourth installment in J.M. Snyder’s popular Playing the Field series and a great stand-alone novella for those looking to read a well-written and carefree story.

I have yet to come across an author of gay romance/erotica that writes athletic “men in motion” better than Snyder and this holds true of Served! Colby and Van sizzle on the page as Snyder expertly ratchets up the sexual tension in anticipation of who will win the volleyball tournament and who will win their clever side-bet. But I have to say that it is her descriptions that had me going throughout this story and made me nostalgic for those hot and lazy summer days spent on the beach checking out the life guards and ogling those lean boys in their cut-offs playing a haphazard game of beach volleyball.

Playing the Field: Served! is a fun, angst-free and easy-going story that serves up hard-bodied tanned beach boys for your reading pleasure and inspires all sorts of sex-on-the-beach fantasies. I’d say it’s an altogether winning reading proposition!

Playing the Field: Served! by J.M. Snyder is no longer available as a single title but appears in the collection Playing the Field: Volume I available at JMS Books.

NOTE: This review was originally published online by Rainbow Reviews.