Off The Beaten Path by Katrina Strauss

Travis Bell is openly gay to family and friends, but as a college athlete, he chooses not to define himself by his sexuality. When he covers for a friend’s misdeed, he’s forced to renegotiate his future. Carefully. Or he’s going to lose his coveted lacrosse scholarship. The last thing Travis plans on, however, is a “volunteer vacation” in the remote wilderness with members of Omega Beta Pi, a.k.a., Off the Beaten Path, a fraternity devoted to gay rights and environmental causes. To make matters worse, he must share a tent with Kyle Schafer, an opinionated activist who also happens to be the hottest guy Travis has ever met.

Kyle Schafer is a proud activist who disapproves of Travis’s ignorance on issues affecting the environment and the gay community. To his even greater annoyance, Kyle finds himself attracted to his shallow tent mate on a purely physical level. Travis goes against everything Kyle believes in, but that doesn’t dampen the chemistry that sparks between them. Pretty soon, it looks like Travis isn’t the only one who’ll be going off the beaten path.

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Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young

Nineteen year old Cody Bradbury is tired of being a virgin so when he gets his hands on an invitation to the hottest party in town at The Casbah, an exclusive gay men’s club owned by his uncle, he has no intention of letting the opportunity of getting his cherry popped go by. With some fake ID and a quickly put together costume as a disguise Cody sneaks into the club during its annual Halloween party with exactly this intention in mind.

He can’t believe his luck when Dante Santiago, his uncle’s long time friend and Casbah employee, comes on to him. Cody’s been in lust with Dante for a while, but up until now Dante hasn’t given him the time of day. Dante has no clue who Cody is, but he’s definitely interested and doesn’t hesitate to have the hot encounter that this “Pretty Boy” is offering.

But when Dante finds out Cody’s true identity he leaves him high and dry. Not only is he conflicted about having sex with the nephew of his long time friend and employer, he also doesn’t do relationships and is certain that Cody can’t possibly be the bottom he wants. Cody knows that Dante wants his body but realises that after their one hot encounter, Cody wants Dante’s heart. Is there any chance the older man might want more than just hot sex? Cody’s not sure but he won’t take no for an answer. And if he can’t have Dante the way he wants him, then Cody plans on giving Dante a night neither of them will ever forget.

Reckless Seduction is a short novella and my first book by author Amanda Young. With some good writing and interesting characters I wasn’t disappointed.

What I enjoyed most about this story was the cat and mouse pursuit between Cody and Dante. Although inexperienced, Cody is no pushover and is quite capable of standing up for what he wants and going after it. For his part, Dante’s conflict over doing the right thing versus doing what he really wants provides for just the right amount angst. The push me pull you chemistry between the characters and the twist of just who is the cat and who is the mouse make the story interesting and keep the reader in anticipation of what will happen next. Add to this some altogether hot sex between the two and this short novella hit the spot.

Reckless Seduction provides just the right amount of angst and lust factor to make this story a good pick for a lazy hazy summer escape read.

Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young is available at Loose Id.

Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield

Tristan’s got issues; he knows he does. So when his most recent girlfriend dumps him but he’s preoccupied with the fact that he can’t stop staring at, and lusting after her brother Tristan figures it’s about time he make some changes and take the plunge into something he’s been wanting to do for a while – have sex with a man. Tristan’s got a plan. He sets up shop at his local Borders bookstore, collects a pile of gay lit titles as bait, sits himself down in the bookstore’s coffee bar and waits for a hook-up, someone who can show him what he’s been missing — Until who should crash his little stake-out but none other than Officer Michael Truax, a.k.a. Officer Helmet, the man who’s been a persistent pain in his skate boarding butt, dogging him with expensive tickets for not wearing a helmet.

Michael has been trying to catch Tristan for years…to give him a second ticket, or so that’s what he tells himself. Suddenly he’s faced with his ‘Sparky’, all grown up — and looking to get laid. The habit of protecting him isn’t gone completely, but the opportunity is too much to resist. He figures the kid must know what he’s getting into, so he takes him home. There, they carry on a cautious affair, only to find out that neither is what the other expected at all.

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Faith & Fidelity by Tere Michaels

New York City Vice Detective Evan Cerelli has lost his wife in a car accident. She was his high school sweetheart, the only person he ever loved and the first and only person he ever slept with. He’s trying to get on with his life, build a life for his children, but is devastated by the loss and sinking. Former Homicide Detective Matt Haight has always been a ladies’ man, all sex with no commitment. He was pushed out of the police force after he tried to bring down a bad cop. He is bitter, depressed, going through a midlife crisis, not sure where his life is headed and is also sinking. The two find friendship in the bottom of a shared bottle. When the friendship turns to lust and then love, it shakes two straight men to the core and flips their lives inside out as they attempt to build a relationship and a life together.

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