Reading Round Up: November-December 2010

Match Maker by Alan Chin (Dreamspinner Press) – Read Review

Turn The Other Cheek by Chris Owen (Torquere Press) – Read Review

Shell Shocked by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks (Pink Petal Publishing) – Read Review

Painting by Numbers by David Thyssen (Smashwords) – Read Review

Turn The Other Cheek by Chris Owen

John “Mal” Mallory and Will Justason have moved past dating, though it’s still a race to hit the sheets every time they look at each other. Trouble is brewing, however, since hitting the sheets is a no-no for firefighters who work together. Will is ready to move forward, to tell the world that they’re together, but Mallory is still trying to keep their private lives to themselves.

With their careers on the line, Will’s brother pushing his own agenda and Mallory’s keen desire to live on his own terms, choices have to be made. Their work situation needs to change, and so does Mal’s attitude, or he’ll lose the one thing he wants more than anything in the world – Will.

Can a change of schedule save Mallory and Will’s relationship and send them dancing into their future, or will tension and frustration tear them apart forever when Will’s had enough?

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Cheek To Cheek by Chris Owen

John “Mal” Mallory is a beleaguered fireman who’s fought one too many fires. The most recent blaze killed two fellow firemen and sent his colleague Drew Smyth to intensive care with his life hanging in the balance. He feels tired and old and knows that he’s just going through the motions in his relationship. He loves Trish, and always will, but he is no longer in love with her.

Two weeks after they amicably split, Mal has a new apartment and finds himself at a local gay bar in his new neighbourhood. Although Mal has lived his life loving both women and men, he hasn’t been with a man in almost eight years. He’s about to order a second drink when the most beautiful man by the name of Will Justason asks Mal to dance. Over the course of the evening they dance and later end up in Mal’s bed having incredible sex. Although they arrange to see each other again, Mal warns Will that while he doesn’t do casual pick-ups he’s also not looking for anything serious at this time. But when Mal shows up to work only to find that the man he slept with the night before is now one of two new replacement firemen at his station, Mal’s plans for a quiet, easy, no-pressure physical relationship go up in smoke and both Mal and Will are put to the test working together, with ex-partners and family further complicating matters.

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