Reading Round Up: April-May 2010

The business of real life continued to interfere with my reading and reviewing during April and May. Too much work and lack of free time prevented me from reading as many books as I normally would over a two-month period.

On the positive side, virtually all of the books I did read fall into the category of very good to excellent reads. So the theme for Spring 2010 is quality over quantity. I’m starting to get through the backlog of reviews and hope to fall into a more regular pace of reading and reviewing for the month of June.

The Boy Can’t Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms by Gavin Atlas (Lethe Press) – Read Review

The One That Stayed by TC Blue (Torquere Press) – Read Review

Safe As Houses by Alex Jeffers (Lethe Press) – Read Review

Still The One by Shawn Lane (Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure) – Read Review

Tales From The Sexual Underground: Fact, Fiction and Stranger Than Fiction by Rick R. Reed (MLR Press) – Read Review

Happily Ever Before by Jaye Valentine (Noble Romance Publishing) – Read Review

The One That Stayed by TC Blue

Life can throw a man all sorts of curve balls, as David discovers when a senseless act of violence tries to deprive him of his lover of two decades. They’ve had their good and bad times, but it’s the good ones that David remembers and wants to hold on to. In fact, he wants more of them, wants to experience more than just the memories that fill his mind as he waits to discover Russell’s fate.

Between meeting Russell for the first time and the horrific instant that tries to take Russell away, their lives have been a series of moments, ranging from awkward to amazing. David wants to believe that their love will conquer all, because he can’t let go. But does Russell feel it, too? Can Russell hold on as tightly, through the surgery that will either save his life or end it? Does Russell love David enough to stay?

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Reading Round Up: The Best in Gay Fiction for 2009

Virtually all the books I read this year are in the area of gay fiction (erotica, romance, horror, suspense, urban fantasy, western/cowboy, young adult, etc.), and as the year draws to an end I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite books and stories for 2009.

The two books that standout the most and I consider my #1 reads for 2009 are Amnesic Nostalgia by Zea Miller and Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction by editors Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane. These two gems rightfully take their place as part of the list of some of my most favourite books.

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The One That Got Away by TC Blue

Michael is head over heels in love with Alex, the guy he’s been dating for six months. Michael thinks that Alex is perfection and still can’t believe that Alex is his seeing as Michael’s an average guy on a good day and less than that the rest of the time. Michael’s planning a rooftop romantic dinner to tell Alex how he feels and that he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level – to move in together. But when Alex doesn’t show up for dinner and then unceremoniously dumps him by telephone and via voice mail it sends Michael into a tailspin.

Jim is Michael’s best friend and roommate. He wants to hunt down Alex like the dog that he is and break every bone in his body for hurting his Michael. Jim tries his best to cheer up his devastated friend but with no luck until one fateful night while he’s comforting Michael they become more than friends. The last thing Jim expected was to fall in love with Michael, after all they’re just very good friends with benefits right? Why did Michael take-off without as much as a goodbye? And why is Jim so damn hurt by it? Could Michael be the one that got away?

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