Reading Round Up: The Best in Gay Fiction for 2009

Virtually all the books I read this year are in the area of gay fiction (erotica, romance, horror, suspense, urban fantasy, western/cowboy, young adult, etc.), and as the year draws to an end I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite books and stories for 2009.

The two books that standout the most and I consider my #1 reads for 2009 are Amnesic Nostalgia by Zea Miller and Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction by editors Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane. These two gems rightfully take their place as part of the list of some of my most favourite books.

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Amnesic Nostalgia by Zea Miller

Sean was the kind of kid that life happened to: alone, quiet, but determined. High school changed him, college broke him, and love saved him. A thought-provoking story set in equal parts of learning and life, Amnesic Nostalgia is unlike anything else you’ll find. We’re not traditional; it only makes sense that our novels aren’t, either.

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