The One That Stayed by TC Blue

Life can throw a man all sorts of curve balls, as David discovers when a senseless act of violence tries to deprive him of his lover of two decades. They’ve had their good and bad times, but it’s the good ones that David remembers and wants to hold on to. In fact, he wants more of them, wants to experience more than just the memories that fill his mind as he waits to discover Russell’s fate.

Between meeting Russell for the first time and the horrific instant that tries to take Russell away, their lives have been a series of moments, ranging from awkward to amazing. David wants to believe that their love will conquer all, because he can’t let go. But does Russell feel it, too? Can Russell hold on as tightly, through the surgery that will either save his life or end it? Does Russell love David enough to stay?

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Reading Round Up: The Best in Gay Fiction for 2009

Virtually all the books I read this year are in the area of gay fiction (erotica, romance, horror, suspense, urban fantasy, western/cowboy, young adult, etc.), and as the year draws to an end I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite books and stories for 2009.

The two books that standout the most and I consider my #1 reads for 2009 are Amnesic Nostalgia by Zea Miller and Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction by editors Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane. These two gems rightfully take their place as part of the list of some of my most favourite books.

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Dona Nobis Pacem by Willa Okati

Mute saloon keeper Donnell knows all about prejudice; he’s had to battle it all of his life. He also knows how self-righteous and judgmental the people of the old west town of Nazareth can be, so he isn’t surprised when he sees them spurn requests for work from a man who walks into town looking to be all but on his death bed. Donnell takes the man in and nurses him back to health, falling in love along the way. But is Donnell destined to have his heart broken?

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The Sight of Home by Sean Michael

Stone is used to getting around on his own, even if he is blind. When he decides to head out on a book tour to promote his latest title, though, he knows he needs more help than his seeing eye dog can provide. Stone decides to hire a personal assistant, someone to help be his eyes and ears on the road.

Mason seems like the perfect candidate, a strong, ex-military man who can take care of anything. Even if he can’t see Mason, Stone knows he’s attracted to the man’s gravely voice and hard body, and things start moving fast. Maybe too fast. Will Stone scare Mason off with his strong feelings, or can Mason see how good they could be together?

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The Queen of Wands by Jenna Jones

All of his adult life, J.T. Fogarty has worked to keep his vast, politically active family safe from scandal. When his late cousin’s son Charlie Tate returns to their hometown for the first time in twenty years, J.T. realizes there’s more to life than covering up other people’s mistakes. J.T. has dealt with his guilt about the accidental death of Charlie’s father by being the “cleaner” for his family, guided by his cousin Dilys. With Charlie back in her sphere of influence, Dilys intends to guide Charlie’s career, and his life, in the same way she has with so many others. However, J.T. is so taken with Charlie that he rebels against Dilys and takes Charlie under his wing, allowing himself to return the attraction Charlie feels for him. Can J.T. and Charlie move beyond the secrets in their past and find a way to stay true to each other?

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Cheek To Cheek by Chris Owen

John “Mal” Mallory is a beleaguered fireman who’s fought one too many fires. The most recent blaze killed two fellow firemen and sent his colleague Drew Smyth to intensive care with his life hanging in the balance. He feels tired and old and knows that he’s just going through the motions in his relationship. He loves Trish, and always will, but he is no longer in love with her.

Two weeks after they amicably split, Mal has a new apartment and finds himself at a local gay bar in his new neighbourhood. Although Mal has lived his life loving both women and men, he hasn’t been with a man in almost eight years. He’s about to order a second drink when the most beautiful man by the name of Will Justason asks Mal to dance. Over the course of the evening they dance and later end up in Mal’s bed having incredible sex. Although they arrange to see each other again, Mal warns Will that while he doesn’t do casual pick-ups he’s also not looking for anything serious at this time. But when Mal shows up to work only to find that the man he slept with the night before is now one of two new replacement firemen at his station, Mal’s plans for a quiet, easy, no-pressure physical relationship go up in smoke and both Mal and Will are put to the test working together, with ex-partners and family further complicating matters.

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The One That Got Away by TC Blue

Michael is head over heels in love with Alex, the guy he’s been dating for six months. Michael thinks that Alex is perfection and still can’t believe that Alex is his seeing as Michael’s an average guy on a good day and less than that the rest of the time. Michael’s planning a rooftop romantic dinner to tell Alex how he feels and that he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level – to move in together. But when Alex doesn’t show up for dinner and then unceremoniously dumps him by telephone and via voice mail it sends Michael into a tailspin.

Jim is Michael’s best friend and roommate. He wants to hunt down Alex like the dog that he is and break every bone in his body for hurting his Michael. Jim tries his best to cheer up his devastated friend but with no luck until one fateful night while he’s comforting Michael they become more than friends. The last thing Jim expected was to fall in love with Michael, after all they’re just very good friends with benefits right? Why did Michael take-off without as much as a goodbye? And why is Jim so damn hurt by it? Could Michael be the one that got away?

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